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Selfish Generation!

今日同朋友傾計… 談論開自私…

忽然諗起詹瑞文在AV電影裡既一番說話, 雖說是攪笑為主,


You selfish generation! You know?
What the hell you’re doing? You know? Huh?
What’s there in your mind? Where’s your dignity? Huh?
Your generation upset me!
You upset all the Hong Kong people!
And all the Hong Kong uncle!
All you want is nudity, sexuality, sex and the city!
You fuxking stupid generation!
I won’t forget you!

發現, 現今一代都自私非常… 人人最終都只為自己, 人本性就是自私嘛(包括我/當然也包括我朋友), 盡情鬧個夠吧! 詹Sir!

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